Physical Fitness Training

FedBoost® strives to help law enforcement agents and future agents with the grueling, but necessary aspects of physical fitness and tactical proficiencey to prepare or maintain a career in law enforcement.

All FedBoost® courses are taught by former FBI Academy instructors. 

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Training Courses


Training Plan

A specialized plan designed to boost your fitness, athleticism, and PFT performance in as little as six weeks. The downloadable plan provides you with a variety of simple, but effective exercises to increase your strength and stamina.

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Self-Desfense for Campus


The FedBoost® Campus Tactics course will provide your high school or college student with the awareness and skills needed to confidently traverse the campus day or night

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Law Enforcement


High-intensity, circuit training consisting of dynamic tactics and movements common to the law enforcement profession.  This training will prepare you mentally and physically for the rigors of any law enforcement academy.

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"I worked with Kevin for a few sessions before starting new agent training at the FBI Academy and it felt like I had trained with him for years. In a short period of time he helped me reach and exceed my goals for my PFT. I am thankful for Kevin and would definitely recommend him to anyone looking to achieve their physical fitness goals."  

-FBI Academy graduate, Spring 2019

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About Our Courses

Whether you are pursuing a career in law enforcement, already working in a law enforcement capacity, or you simply want to improve your ability to defend yourself, our programs can help you. Our method to readiness is simple; your body should be mobile, stable, able to function on multiple planes and have the ability to push and pull objects. Arrest control techniques should be simple and limited in number, yet still provide you with safe and effective options in all use-of-force situations.  Using fundamental principles, we are confident our courses will help you achieve your fitness and defensive tactics goals. All FedBoost® courses are taught by former FBI Academy instructors.


  • June 19, 2019

    Ordinary Until Extraordinary

    When New Agent Trainees (NATs) I instructed were beginning their FBI Academy training, I ostensibly viewed and treated them all as ordinary.  There were lawyers, doctors, school teachers, former military elite forces team members, rocket scientists, and just about any other impressive profession you can think of.  Some NATs had previous physical or tactical training… Read More »

  • April 20, 2018

    What it takes to be physically fit

    Having served as a Special Agent with the FBI for over 26 years, and 16 of those years as a Physical Fitness/Defensive Tactics Instructor at the FBI Academy, I have put a lot of thought into the importance of physical fitness as it relates to the law enforcement profession.  I have read numerous articles on… Read More »